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Dr. Kristee Lorenz
Administrative Office: Dr. Kristee Lorenz, Superintendent Phone (660) 647-3533
210 North Street FAX (660) 647-2711
Windsor, MO 65360
Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate…Road to Greyhound Greatness
Henry County R-I School District Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate Partnering together as a school and community to support educational excellence and equity for every student we serve. Dr. Kristee Lorenz I am very thankful for the tremendous community support that the Henry County R-I School District steadfastly receives to provide the most positive and productive educational experiences for our students. I would like to highlight a couple of these school and community partnerships in my article this week. Sincere appreciation and thanks are extended to the Supporting our Future Committee and the committee officers Andy Burkhart chairman, Jennifer Pipal secretary, Brenda Harms treasurer and to the founding committee members. Indeed it is a true blessing to have such a supportive community who believes in providing the most positive and productive educational opportunities for our current and future students! The community spoke in favor of supporting Proposition One by nearly 73%. Certainly, this vote of the Windsor community is historic as this single decision will impact generations of Windsor Greyhound students. A big thank you to our Windsor community for their steadfast support of our school district and ongoing commitment to supporting our future…..our students. I am excited to see our Mission 2022 Plan unfold over the 5 years and beyond. Golden Valley Clinic of Windsor facilitated a local shoe drive for the children of Windsor. Through this collaborative community effort, 200+ shoes were donated to students in need. I am grateful for the ongoing tremendous support of our school district and students from our Windsor community. Each time a significant need is identified, our generous Windsor community rallies together to help one another. This is a true blessing for each of us! Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate is about coming together as a school, community, and family for the benefit of our students. Supporting educational excellence and equity for every student we serve takes each of us. Together we can continue to make a positive difference for the children of the Windsor community. I am so very proud to be a Windsor Greyhound!
In partnership with the community, we educate our youth to maximize their unique capabilities by providing a safe and challenging environment where standards are high, learning is the priority, and civic responsibility is instilled.

The high performance of this school is achieved through the partnership of the community, parents, students, and faculty. This partnership results in all students excelling in all possible endeavors to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens.

and Innovate…
Road to Greyhound Greatness

Superintendent's Office I 210 North Street I Windsor, MO 65360

Dr. Kristee Lorenz, Superintendent I 660-647-3533 I Fax 660-647-2711
Stan Henderson, Director of Student Services
Lora Howard, Central Office Secretary/Board Secretary
Bobbi Hankins, Bookkeeper

Bill Johnston, WHS Principal (660) 647-3106, Fax (660) 647-3218
Stephany Wasson, WES Principal (660) 647-647-5621, Fax (660) 647-5344

Donnie Mayes, Technology Coordinator
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