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Scholarship Applications
In chronological order below:
-Due August 1, 2017

These scholarships are not local and you have to 18 to apply, but applications are not due until August 1.  Maybe they could be helpful to a few you entering health fields.

Our site,, is now accepting applications through August 1
(midnight PST) for our three nursing scholarships: 

  1.'s Nurses First Scholarship ($1000)
  2. Bridging Your Career: The RN to BSN Scholarship ($500)
  3. Breaking Barriers: Scholarship for Men in Nursing ($500)

Additional scholarship details, rules and terms of service are outlined here: Because applicants must be 18 years of age or older when they apply, please be sure to let students know that may need to work on their applications locally before actually submitting them.

We encourage you to share with your students to give them ample time to work on their applications and essays!


The Dr. Darrell “Jack” Holley/MUSIC Scholarship application is now available online.  Six $2,000.00 scholarships (nonrenewable) will be awarded to students who graduate in 2017 from high schools in MUSIC member districts. The funding of the scholarships is provided by proceeds from the golf tournament and corporate donations.
The scholarship information is included with the application. Only ONE application from your district is to be submitted. In districts which have multiple high schools, an application from EACH high school may be submitted. MUSIC K-8 districts are allowed to nominate one of their students. This nomination must be a student graduating from a Missouri public high school, which may be an additional selection from a K-12 district or from a high school not in the MUSIC program.
This application is located on the MUSIC website under "MY DOCUMENTS" under MUSIC FILES named “2016 Dr Darrell (Jack) Holley-MUSIC Scholarship application.pdf”.
Let Mrs. Wanninger know if you fill out this application!

Members National Honor Society
NHS Scholarship Application procedures are available in the counseling office. In the Scholarship Application file.

-Due October 15, 2017

National Defense Transportation Association: Promotes careers in Business, Transportation Logistics and Physical Distribution.

Applicants are judged on a basis of academic performance, extracurricular activities and quality of an essay reviewing the Physical Resources/Environment section of the Vision for Missouri Public Education.

For more information and the application go to  At the top of the page, click on Belcher Award. 

Hagan Scholarship Foundation:
See eligibility requirements online or talk to Mrs. Wanninger.
Applications due November 15.

Earn a $1,500 scholarship through
Apply Nov. 15 – Feb 17
You do not have to be a FFA member
Students must seek two farmer endorsements of their application by Feb. 1.
$528,00 of scholarships will be awarded

You can learn more at and apply at

-Due Mid December 2017
DAR-  If you are in the top 10% of the Senior Class, see Mrs. Wanninger on Monday about some excellent scholarship opportunities.  If you are not sure about your standing, check with me.   We have to have these applications and materials turned in by mid-December.
Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest Description

Thirty Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarships are available.  Apply online at The early bird deadline is Dec. 15..  If you submit an application by that date your name will be entered in a drawing for a $1000 scholarship.  The final deadline is Feb. 1.  A minimal processing fee is involved with these scholarships.

-Due December 5, 2017

The Missouri School Board Association, Future Builders offers an annual scholarship called The Belcher Scholarship.  Our board reviews applications at the December 12 board meeting and chooses one application to submit.  This application requires students to submit information on their activities and leadership, high school honors, community involvement, jobs, and career goals.  Applicants must write a 500 – 700 word essay on the following topic:

Looking back over your high school career, what would your message to  your School Board be on improving the education of those that follow you.
They are submitted to the board of education on Dec. 12.

-Due December 15, 2017

I am pleased to forward our updated 2017 Scholarship Opportunity for Henry County School District students on behalf of our client. 

StudyPug Scholarship - $1,000 – December 158
StudyPug is pleased to announce a $1,000 annual scholarship offered to undergraduate or graduate students.This scholarship requires an essay submission. All of the application details and the 2017 essay questions are below and are available on our website ( ). 

-Due Jan. 5, 2018

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program is looking to award 20 scholarships to students with the following characteristics: leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship.  Apply online through -or  The program selects 20 college-bound students to receive $10,000 renewable scholarships.  You would be competing for these scholarships with students throughout the nation.  The deadline is Jan. 5.

-Due Jan. 15, 2018

Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here:
National Defense Transportation Association

Due Feb. 1, 2018
Community Foundation of the Ozarks website; click on Scholarships in the upper right hand corner and select apply for a scholarship, which will take you to the CFO Scholarships page, follow instructions and hit the “apply here” bottom which will take them  to the online scholarship portal logon on page.  Students will have to create a username and password to establish an account.  Next, they will be prompted to answer a couple of eligibility questions, which will determine the scholarships they are eligible to apply for. It has 85 scholarship opportunities.
National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: The application form is online.  The organization is looking for a student who demonstrates a dedication to conservation and the preservation of their hunting heritage.  Please read the application thoroughly.  If you need help finding it.  I will be glad to help you.  On the application, it says the deadline is Jan. 1., but the gentleman that called me said to disregard that date. Go to www.  Then in the search bar, type in scholarships.  Click on NWTF Scholarship Application.

Return completed application to:

Community Center
Attention: Brad Comb
1004 E. Sedalia Avenue
Clinton, MO 64735


James and Nellie Westlake Scholarship Program

Deadline Feb. 1, 2018
Go to:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1.  Missouri resident
  2. Graduating high school senior, going to a four year college or going to a community college first, then transferring to a four-year school.
  3. Maintaining a 2.5 Grade Point Average
  4. Family adjusted gross income of $50,000 or less

Scholarship America – James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship Program. Search for open scholarships.

Please find attached a list of scholarships that are faxed to me occasionally from Student  Students should remember that these are national, not local scholarships, so students from all over the US are applying. You can also sign up to get a newsletter from this organization or go on line to find more listings of scholarships. ( pdf file Student
Due Feb. 10, 2018
Windsor High School can submit one scholarship application for the Dr. Darrell “Jack” Holley/MUSIC Scholarship.  MUSIC stands for Missouri United School Insurance Council.  If multiple WHS students apply, we will assembly a committee to review the scholarship applications and choose one for submission. Six, $2000 scholarships will be awarded in the state of Missouri.  Application forms and further information are available from Mrs. Wanninger in the Counseling office.
Due Feb. 16, 2018
National Honor Society Scholarship Application  If you are a member of the National Honor Society, see Mrs. Wanninger for the procedure to apply for scholarships. 

Earn a $1,500 scholarship through
Apply Nov. 15 – Feb 1, 2017
You do not have to be a FFA member
Students must seek two farmer endorsements of their application by Feb. 1.
$528,00 of scholarships will be awarded

You can learn more at and apply at

Due Feb. 22, 2018
Calvin Coolidge Presidential Scholars Program: The main criterion for the Coolidge Scholarship is academic merit.  It is a four-year, full-ride scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate studies.  For more information go to  Applications are due by February 22, 2017 and must be completed online at  The counseling office also has additional information on this scholarship
Due Feb. 25, 2018

 Only members, children or grandchildren  of Odd Fellows or Rebekah’s are eligilble. 

  1. GPA – 2.5
  2. Have taken the ACT
  3. Complete application form available in the Counseling Office

These scholarships can pay up to $500 per semester all four years of college.

Due Feb. 28, 2018

The Missouri Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences and Humans Services offer two scholarships each spring.  Applications are due FEB. 28th. Students considered are those who will seek a degree in FACs and Human Services Education.  You may access the application online at


Deadline:  Feb. 28, 2018
Must write an article of 600 – 1000 words on the topic “Why it is important to stop cyberbullying?”
Link to scholarship page:

-Due March 1, 2018

Our Ag Booster Club is giving out 2, $500 scholarships this year.  The application  is with me and is due March 1st. Mrs. Cooley


United Methodist Scholarships at

Applying for individual scholarships now also makes you eligible for the United Methodist Allocation. YOU MUST apply now to be considered for both.
Late applications will not be accepted. Scholarships range in value from $500 to $5,000 (the average amount awarded is about $1,000.)

Scholarship eligibility requirements:

• Incoming or current freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students at one of the United Methodist-related colleges or universities

• Member of any United Methodist Church for at least one year

• Minimum GPA of 2.5

National Defense Transportation Association Scholastic Award
Project 21 Essay/Poster/Video Scholarship Application is available in the counseling office.  Deadline is March 1.
Henry County Mutual Insurance Scholarship – applications are available in the counseling office.  The deadline is March 1.
5 scholarships of $500 are available, there are no requirements on majors, an essay is required, student can attend a two- year, four- year college or university or technical program, good for in or out of state.
Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors – Deadline March 1 – four annual scholarships in the amount of $1000, for students attending a vocational/technical school, and pursuing a certificate or associates degree in Diesel Mechanics or Heavy Equipment Repair.  Applications and details are available in the counseling office.

If you are interested in a pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems at UCM, check out these pages:

-March 2, 2018
Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors (Heavy equipment repair or Diesel Mechanics)
         Lindenwood University Scholarship.
-March 13, 2018
American Society of Military Comptrollers…field of study must be business administration, economics, public administration, accounting or finance.
Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship Missouri United School Insurance Council
-March 14, 2018
  Whiteman Spouses’ Club Scholarship
-Due March 15, 2018

David Powell Memorial Mathematics Scholarship.  The deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 15All seniors wanting to attend post-secondary schooling (technical or college), should apply for the Master Endowment Fund.  Students with a strong interest in Math and who have done well in their high school math classes should apply for the David Powell scholarship. PowellMemorialMathScholarship See Mrs. Wanninger if you have questions.

WHS Master Scholarship Endowment Fund: Committee members determining the winner of the scholarship will be looking for:  scholastic progress, citizenship, extra-curricular activities, educational plans, and financial need.  They are also looking for a student who has an interest in furthering his/her education by pursuing studies related to agriculture or other fields of study that benefit rural life.
GeneralScholarship_WHS Master Endowment Fund

Do have and interest or plan to major in education?  If so,  we have a scholarship opportunity offered by the West-Central Missouri Association of School Administrators.   There is an application form which includes some short essay answers and a recommendation from the superintendent or principal is required.
Charles E. Kruse Agricultural Scholarship – for a student entering a four-year program and majoring in an agricultural field.  Application packet due March 15.
MFA Foundation Scholarship-Apply now for the MFA scholarship  of $2000.  The committee who chooses the winner considers Scholastic progress, citizenship, extra-curricular activities, educational plans, and financial need. Applications are available in the counseling office.  The deadline is March 15, 2017.
- March 20, 2018

This scholarship is through Septagon Construction Company in Sedalia.  The deadline is March 20.  See Mrs. Wanninger for a copy or the counseling/scholarship website has a copy of the guidelines and application. Septagon Guidelines for Application
Septagon Current High School Scholarship



Note:  One applicant per school.  If multiple students apply for this scholarship, a committee of staff at Windsor High School will choose the application to be submitted for our school.  The directions and an application form are attached.  Additional copies will be available in the counseling office.  The deadline for this scholarship is March 20, to the counseling office, so we can be sure to get it submitted by March 24.  Thanks.West-Central Scholarship directions

Scholarship application West-Central 2017
-Due March 31, 2018
Auxiliary of the Golden Valley Memorial Hospital: For a student entering a health-related field.  Applications and Guidelines are available in the counseling office.  The deadline is March 31.

Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare Scholarhips: Six scholarships will be offered to local students.  Scholarships are for $500 and available for seniors pursuing a career in healthcare.  Students may renew this scholarship each year up to a total of $2000.  Students applying have to fill out a Standard Scholarship Application form, which I created for Windsor High School.  They are available in the counseling office.  Please fill out the form and return to me as soon as possible or send them yourselves to:
Casey McCartney
Recruiting Coordinator, Human Resources
Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare
1600 N. 2nd Street
Clinton, MO 64735


Hawthorn Bank offers 4 scholarships of $1,000 each.  Please stop by the counseling office for the Criteria and Application.  Students applying for this scholarship must plan to pursue a degree in business or finance. The deadline is March 31.

Central Missouri Electric Cooperative-Schrieber Scholarship
Missouri Bankers Foundation-This scholarship requires an application form with a short essay, two letters of recommendation and a copy of your transcript. 
  Kent King Educator Scholarship

The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri, Inc. – This scholarship fund offers scholarships to Missouri students with a GPA of 3.0 and an ACT score of 18 or higher.  It is based also, on financial need.  See Mrs. Wanninger for an application and more information on criteria. 
& Scholarship-Application-Masonic

The Missouri Farm Bureau Scholarship is due March 31.  This is not for students pursuing a 4 –year degree. It is for students pursuing certification in fields elated to and supportive of agriculture like heavy equipment operations, electronics, welding, and diesel and farm machinery repair. Applications are available in the counseling office.  Students applying must live in Henry County and their parents or guardian must be a member of Farm Bureau.  Applications must be typed.  Deadline:  March 31.


MIssouri Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship: If you are interested in a career in insurance, risk management or actuarial science, the Missouri Insurance Education Foundation offers four scholarships of $1500.  The deadline for this scholarship is March 31.  If you are interested a copy of the application can be found at  You will also need to complete a letter to the committee and obtain a letter of recommendation.  Please see Mrs. Wanninger if interested.

 Applications for the Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund are available in the Counseling Office.    Students interested must be attending a four-year college,  demonstrate leadership abilities through community service or extracurricular activities, and the combined adjusted income of both parents can’t exceed $50,000.

Please return to Windsor High School or American Legion Post 82 no later than March 31st.

American Legion Scholarship

Henry County Farm Bureau Scholarship - Applications are available in the counseling office for the Henry County Farm Bureau Scholarship.  Students must live in Henry County, their parent or legal guardian must be a Farm Bureau Member and they must be planning to attend college or already enrolled in college.

You may pick up a copy in my office or if you would like one e-mailed to you, you can e-mail Chrissy at

-Due April 4, 2018

Dr. John A Chapin Agriculture Scholarship:  For students pursuing a degree in Veterinary Science or any Agriculture major.  Applications are available in the counseling office and due to the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce by April, 4, 2017.

-Due April 7, 2018

Career in the Food Service/ospitality Industry: To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must enroll in an accredited college or university and demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the food service/hospitality industry.  Scholarship applications are available in Mrs. Wanninger’s office.  Deadline for submission is April 7.


The Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a graduating high school senior each year. Students should have an interest in the food service industry or hospitality and tourism.  For more details go to and click on Scholarship.  Download the requirements and application.  The application deadline is April 7.  If you have questions, see Mrs.  Wanninger.


Agriculture Scholarship of the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce.   Due April 8.   Applications available in the counseling office.


Pettis County Farm Bureau Scholarship is due April 8.  A simple application is available online and in the counseling office.
Pettis County Farm Bureau

-Due April 9, 2018

Seniors:  The Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce has an agriculture scholarship available.  See Mrs. Wanninger for an application.  There is a quick turn around on this one. 

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation:

Scholarship Application to Horatio Alger Association Scholarship. 

Completed high school by Spring of 2017
Enrolled in a career or technical degree/certificate granting program that will lead to employment
After filling out FAFSA form, qualify of Pell Grant

Apply online at

-Due April 14, 2018

Pettis County Farm Bureau Board is offering $500 scholarships.  Applicant’s parent or guardian must be a member of the Pettis County Farm Bureau.  Applications are available in the counseling office and due to the office in Sedalia by Friday, April 14.

-Due April 15, 2018

Henry County Cattleman's Scholarship: Resident of Henry County Requirements: Completed and signed applicatio
3 reference letters, including at least one from a member of the Henry County Cattlemen’s Assoc. 500 word essay describing why you should be chosen for the award.  Current school transcript  ACT or SAT score reportApplications are available in the counseling office

The Keystone Club offers a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who has attended WHS for at least four semesters.  Completed applications are due April 15.  Application forms are available in the counseling office.

Keystone Club Scholarship: This scholarship is based on merit, educational goals, and financial need.  Guidelines and applications are available in the counseling office.  The deadline is April 15, 2017.


The Rhonda Diehl Memorial Scholarship will apply to only a few of our students.  It is a one-time $550 scholarship for a graduating high school senior or current college student who has shown livestock or a country cured ham at the Henry County Fair.  See Mrs. Wanninger for Criteria and Application.


If your child will be attending State Fair Community College, scholarship applications are due April 15.  The application is online and very easy to fill out (through State Fair).

Louis & Elsie Freund Endowment for Young Artist -  If you are a Henry county resident and are wanting to pursue a degree in art, see Mrs. Wanninger.

The C.T.A. will award a $350.00 scholarship to a Windsor High School graduate. This student must have an accumulative letter grade of a “B” or better at the end of the first seven semesters of high school.  He or she must have a good citizenship record and must be entering college the summer or fall term immediately following graduation.  Students that are entering the education field will be given priority during the consideration process. 
Applications must be turned in to the WHS Counselor by April 15th .

Windsor CTA Scholarship
Due April 25, 2018
Pettis County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship Endowment Fund

This is a $250 renewable scholarship.  The deadline is April 25, 2017.  Copies of the application and instructions are available in the counseling office.

Due May 1, 2018
Frederick Overton scholarship Application

The following link is for a $1000 scholarship for a woman going into the field of computer technology.

Scholarship link:
Due June 1, 2018
Horatio Alger Association Career and Technical Scholarship – Students may apply online through June 1 at
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 Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarships, visit   

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation:

Elks National Foundation Scholarships:

UCM Scholarships:

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